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Master and Bachelor theses

Master or Bachelor thesis: Neural correlates of predictive processes in the human brain

In our daily lives we are constantly immersed in streams of sensory information. Very often these do not occur in a random way but follow repetitive rules and patterns. The human brain possesses astonishing capacities of detecting patterns from the environment and predicting future events before these occur even when conscious access to the environment is reduced, e.g. during sleep. Predictive traces manifest in multiple stages of information processing, but it still remains unknown how they are modulated by conscious perception of the environment. The goal of this thesis is to study the neural mechanisms underlying the generation of sensory predictions during sleep and wakefulness. To this aim, we will perform electroencephalography (EEG) recordings in healthy volunteers, in awake and asleep conditions, while presenting them with sound sequences, following regular or irregular patterns. We are looking for a master or bachelor student to help us perform overnight EEG recordings at Inselspital and assist with data analysis.

The thesis includes partly experimental work, and party data processing.

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