• October 2019: Athina will be presenting work on intracranial EEG recordings and auditory predictions at the annual meeting for the Society for Neuroscience, in Chicago.

  • September 2019: Pinar Göktepe is joining us to work as a research assistant on the development of reproducible pipelines for algorithmic decision-making in the field of neuroscience!

  • July 2019: We have received an Open Science grant by Mozilla to develop open educational resources on algorithmic decision-making in neuroscience! Great collaboration with Chris Holdgraf and Elpiniki Apostolaki-Iosifidou!

  • June 2019: New paper on the use of high-precision magnetoencephalography for reconstructing sources from the amygdala and hippocampus is out!

  • June 2019: New paper on participatory research, in collaboration with Open Humans